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Geriatric Care network(GCN) – Adding life to years

After spending a busy youth and middle age studying, working, in marriage, raising children, retirement is a phase of life to forward to. Most of us dream of a relaxed life with friends, spouse, children & grandchildren. We long to spend time at home, in the garden, reading, listening to music, on unrealized interests and hobbies, travel and dreams, spiritual, community and charitable activities.

On the other hand, retirement can also be a trying time – often accompanied by an upheaval in one’s life. The body undergoes many changes – things that were taken for granted may no longer be possible, there is a dramatic change to the daily routine – the pattern that one has followed for years is suddenly disrupted, there may be a change in living arrangement – involving a shifting to a different house or city, and often there may be a change in how you are perceived & perceive yourself – you no longer are the primary breadwinner or primary care giver and may become dependent in small or big ways on others. All of these changes coming at the same time, can sometimes be overwhelming.

Post retirement it is easy to feel as though you have nothing left to accomplish. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Older adults have a great deal to offer society– including their experience, knowledge, wisdom, skills and time.
As in all phases of life – good health is what makes all other things possible. As age catches up with us, we may be plagued by multiple health issues resulting from a life time of neglect or simply our genes. By retirement, the body has seen a lot and even if you have the good fortune to suffer no major ailments, an older body needs more attention and care than it did previously.

The key to staying in control and ahead of health challenges is to accept inevitable changes that are part of your life and focus on staying as fit as possible. Taking care of one’s physical and mental needs involves listening to your body and making appropriate diet and lifestyle changes to meet these needs. It is a widely acknowledged fact that ‘staying active’ is key to a feeling of well-being among older adults. Staying active means continuing daily life activities and remaining engaged with socially useful and productive work of any kind through the longer life spans that have become the norm today.

India has many long standing local health traditions that have a holistic approach to meeting physical and mental health needs. Ayurveda, one of the ancient Indian systems of medicine, deals with life and longevity and Rasayana, one of the eight clinical specialties of Ayurveda, specifically focuses on nutrition, immunology and geriatrics and has rich potential to promote health, rejuvenation and promotion of longevity among older adults.

Geriatric Care Network is a service for Senior Citizens seeking holistic medical and preventive care as part of their daily routine. Apart from preventive care and medical treatment, GCN service also provides advice on lifestyle, diet and yoga. It focuses on overall well-being and quality of life of older adults, equipping them for an independent life of purpose.

Geriatric Care Network is powered by a distributed network of Ayurveda Doctors and an electronic health record system that stores health information in the cloud where it can be accessed by the treating doctor and patient alike. GCN’s network of doctors are overseen by a core team of experienced specialists who review and advise to ensure effective care. Together the various elements of the service help seniors achieve their health and wellness goals.

High quality health care services can enable an independent, confident older population. Geriatric Care Network’s innovative offering in senior health care provides reliable medical advice and counseling and continuity of care and provides an option for seniors to be proactive about their health.

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