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New Internal Notes & Observations module in AyushEHR R 1.3.4

We are excited to announce the wider availability of Internal notes/observations module in our latest 1.3.4 release of AyushEHR. This module is designed on the lines of a social media wall and is designed to be used as an unstructured summary of the customers. This module is purely for the internal use of the organization and is not part of the EHR of the customer.

During guest interaction from enquiry to episode completion, staff are required to make notes, observations, requests and feedbacks about a customer at different times. These may be received by email, on paper, verbally and also inferred by the staff as they work with the customer. Such details, which are very important during the care process, often remain in separate silos and are often not available at the required time.

Notes/observations module is designed to aggregate, tag(#tags and userTags) and make available contextually in a structured way to help users provide better care. Users are able to view, sort and filter the notes/observations easily so that appropriate actions can be taken at the right time.

With this, AyushEHR brings another very useful tool for the Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy care community. We believe that by properly leveraging this module, the practitioners should be able to take the healthcare experience that they provide a few notches up the ladder.

For more details, please review the full AyushEHR capability or contact us to get a free demo account. You may also read more about AyushEHR.