AyushEHR – A Revolution in Health Care Management

With the advancement in technology enabling us to accomplish many of our daily activities easily, with minimum physical effort and changes in the way we work and carry out daily life, has come the negatives effects of sedentary lifestyle ailments. This has given rise for the need to manage such conditions and have created a huge number of alternate Health Care Centers and Ayurveda Resorts. With the increase in demand for these services and increased number of people opting for alternative treatments, the need for tools to manage such centres and resorts and enable them to provide a personalized care has also become critical.

Thankfully, resort owners can now manage all aspects of their health care service and their patient’s visit to their center effectively, with AyushEHR. AyushEHR is a one of a kind cloud based software assisting the traditional healthcare providers of Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Yoga, in preparing and managing treatment for their patients. If you are an AYUSH center, this easy to use software allows you to enter the patient’s medical history and create a personalized treatment plan for the visitors. With the treatment plan also being shared with the patients, they are well aware of what to expect from the services.

With a huge inflow of patients and numerous treatment options available with Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga, a useful software like AyushEHR is the best solution to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and to keep competition at bay.

With AyushEHR, the Ayurvedic resort owners can:

  • Maintain a personalized health record of each visitor to their place
  • Manage inflow and customize the patient’s treatment plan according to their preferences
  • One of the AYUSH software’s feature is the Facility Management feature – with which you can easily manage and assign tasks to your staff and also book the various facilities with much ease
  • Get valuable analysis of your resort’s resource utilization with various reports and dashboards. Utilize this feature to enhance services and increase customer satisfaction
  • Manage your customer’s medication and treatment and also keep in touch with them, post their visit to your facility
  • The staff are readily available with information on availability of facilities and services, without having to say that they will get back to them upon checking the details

The above are only few of the advantages of the software. With numerous additional features available at your fingertips, there is no doubt about your center providing exceptional health care services to your customers. With your customers also receiving constant updates through the software, to continue maintaining their healthy lifestyle, they will unquestionably spread the good word, which in turn will increase your customer base.

AyushEHR is a cloud based software, is developed in accordance with the Indian EHR(Electronic Health Records) standards and is constantly updated with new features. It is accessible anytime, anywhere and can manage data of any center and their patients.

AyushEHR is definitely an added advantage to your alternative health care center and is sure to augment your resort’s effort to remain on the top of everyone’s list. To know more, please contact us.