Information driven healthcare – simplifying the complexities of healthcare technology ecosystem


EHR platform for healthcare application developers


EHR.network makes healthcare application development simple. It is a person centric, standards compliant, cloud EHR platform designed for healthcare application developers. The platform abstracts all the technology and regulatory complexities in healthtech and provides simple to use APIs for developers to turn their idea into reality at 50% cost, 1/2 the time and zero risk. 

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EHR system for AYUSH practices


AyushEHR brings modern healthtech tools and standards to traditional medicine. We enable interoperability of information between disparate practices to help AYUSH integrate seamlessly into the emerging wellness focused integrative care paradigm. AYUSH practitioners can now build clinical documentation that works side by side with other practices so that a patient can move seamlessly between care practices.

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We focus on the use of technology to improve healthcare. We are a startup incubated at the Innovation Centre,  International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIITB). We are working on creating a vibrant application development ecosystem in healthcare. Towards this we will be creating and managing tools that will make healthcare application development simple.

The complexity and regulatory environment is a deterrent for innovation in healthcare technology. Young app developers often find it difficult to understand the nuances of the domain and end up making the spring decisions. This explains the large % of failures in healthcare technology startups. 

At HealtheLife, we have extensive experience in healthcare related technologies that allow us to keep abreast of the fast evolving heathtech landscape. We are deploying this experience and insights into simplifying the healthcare application development process. We develop tools that abstract the complexities away from the app developer so that they can focus on their users. We give them the freedom to build applications that are focused on user needs, while we take care of ensuring that the clinical data is secure, privacy aware, standards compliant, interoperable, coded and computable.


Support a vibrant healthcare application ecosystem by reducing entry barriers for application developers. We expect this to bring in greater adoption of technology & standards to make healthcare easier to access, cheaper, more transparent and deliver improved outcomes.


Build, maintain and manage tools and systems that make it simple to develop healthcare applications. Such tools will be designed to insulate the application developer from the complexities of clinical data management including privacy, security & adherence to standards. Our tools will also enable an integrative healthcare practice by seamless integration of clinical data across modern and Indian medicine.