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AyushEHR Software Solution for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy @Advantage Healthcare 2017

Ayush EHR our Solution for Ayurvedic, Yoga and Naturopathy Practitioners was demonstrated during the recently concluded Advantage Healthcare Event from October 12 to 14 2017, at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. The FICCI event was focused on accelerating the growth of Medical Value Travel from current 15% to 25% to make it a 9 Billion USD industry by 2020.

The Exhibitors at the event included multi-specialty hospitals, medical value travel operators, Ayurvedic, Yoga and Naturopathy Centres and Government Agencies such as AYUSH, Tourism and NABH.

We connected with AYUSH practitioners who visited and exhibited and invited them for a demo of our offering. We received positive feedback and will follow-up in the coming weeks. A second segment that we connected were the Medical Value Travel Operators, there was key interest from multiple players in the segment to move up the value chain by offering EHR based service to their customers. The third segment of players we met were companies offering health care services starting from market place to connect individuals to wellness providers to IOT based home care solutions. Health information management using our standards aligned, inter-operable EHR.Network platform was explored.

Overall in spite of the heavy rains in Bengaluru, we were heartened by the footfall and interest shown by visitors to our booth. We have generate good leads and hope to get early customers for our AYUSH EHR.

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Healthelife to exhibit at Advantage Healthcare 2017 on Oct 12 to 14

We will be participating in the Advantage Healthcare 2017 on Oct 12 to 14. We are part of the Startup Karnataka team and will be displaying at Table #2 in the Startup Pavilion, Hall 2.

Consistent with our plan of business, we will again be focusing on the AYUSH EHR in this event as well. The solution has matured quite a bit since we first demonstrated in Elevate100 and is ready for live deployment.

Current functionality covers the main guest centric workflow from information gathering, care process and post discharge engagement and will help streamline information sharing and process efficiency inside the organizations.

We invite all AYUSH providers and healthcare partners to visit us. For one-on-one meetings please contact us.

You can visit our website for more information on AYUSH EHR

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Healthelife awarded runner up in Elevate100 event by Karnataka government

We are very happy to share news of our participation in Elevate 100. After an initial screening round on Aug 5th we reached the final 250 from an initial 1700 applications. The guidelines provided for presenting to the grand jury helped structure our thoughts and led to multiple rounds of constructive internal meetings.

The final pitch to the grand jury was on Aug 29th. The questions from the jury on our market approach was very useful and it made us internalize that for a startup focus on a select market segment was critical.

We are upbeat about our participation in Elevate 100 and look forward to be part of upcoming initiatives from the Government of Karnataka and Government of India.

Healthelife news

Healthelife exhibits it’s AYUSH EHR at Elevate100 demo pod – 29th-30th August 2017

We were selected to exhibit at the Demo pod at Elevate 100 on Aug 29th and 30th.

In the stall, we focused on demonstrating our AYUSH EHR solution and finding technology partners from the Healthcare sector for our EHR.NETWORK Platform. We had a very good footfall and were able to generate some very good leads from the event. Our young team of developers also got a first hand experience to meet potential customers and evangelize our offering.

The feedback from visitors to our pod was very positive and further validated our ideas. Based on the feedback received from many people who visited us, we have started work on EHR.STORE, the personal EHR store for individuals. We plan to make EHR.STORE widely available in the next 2-3 months so that individuals can start storing their health data on our EHR.NETWORK platform.

We also received interest from investors and incubation centres such as Sandbox by Deshpande foundation. Exploratory discussions are on with many to identify possible engagements.

Healthelife news

Healthelife closes IRS 90 lakh seed funding to cover operation expenses for the next 10 months

We are very happy to announce the successful completion of IRS 90 lakhs seed funding. This investment is to be used to cover the operational expenses for the next 10-12 months. We plan to deploy this fund primarily for product development and secondarily for creating market traction for our solutions. The traction that we generate using this seed fund should enable us to tap into much larger investments for growth and acceleration a year down the line.

We announced this fund raising program in November 2016 with an aim of generating 70-80 lakhs. It was offered as private placement only to known people and close associates, who had been following the company from the beginning. The overwhelming response enabled us to increase our target to 100 lakhs and in the end we ended up with a final investment of 92.5 lakhs.

The offer was formally closed by the end of January 2017 and fund collection completed by end February 2017. We have started deployment of the funds starting with the augmentation of the product team.

The product team is projected to grow from the current 10 full time + 4 interns to 15-20 full time employees, with the main addition happening in the JAVA backed. Market outreach is another area of focus and the progress over the past couple of months have been very +ve. Apart from the in house commercial offerings, we have also making inroads in to the social and public health areas, thanks to associations with EHRC and other healthcare professionals active in the public health domain.

We thank all our investors and well wishers for their support and trust and assure you that we would do our best to live up to your expectations. The next 12 months will be crucial for the company and going by the progress so far, we are very upbeat.