AyushEHR for resorts – Transforming business of healthcare from the mundane to the sublime.. from necessary routine to a shared experience.

This is the age of medical tourism, where people from around the world are travelling for wellness and healthcare. Whether for self-pampering or to indulge in Ayurvedic rejuvenation, they prefer to stay in resorts that have fully-equipped spas, saunas and AYUSH treatment centers, as these resorts combine the best of hospitality and healthcare.

So it becomes inevitable for a resort like yours to leverage technology to maximise the potential of such businesses. Apart from being a regular centre for spa and ayurvedic treatments, you can stand out from your competition by giving your guests, tailored treatment agendas that meet their needs and a healthcare experience that they will cherish.

Your guests will remember you for the experience you create for them and we can help you achieve that by enabling a better healthcare experience. When you use your guest’s health records and then plan their treatment agenda, you are not just solving any persisting concern but communicating to them of probable concerns and ailments that could be developing, suggesting suitable mitigation options. Let us help you use technology to transform care for health to a shared experience and build long lasting relationships.

AyushEHR is a cloud based healthcare experience management solution for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy resorts. It leverages the power of EHR Standards to make your clinical information management, planning and communication functions technology driven and streamlined.

AyushEHR Benefits

To You

  • Actionable reports and Dashboards
  • Effective communication and information sharing
  • Tailored planning and monitoring tools
  • Continuous improvement through outcome analysis

To your Staff

  • Unambiguous task allocation and alerts
  • Remote Access for continuous care
  • Data driven decision support
  • Live feedback for continuous improvement

To your Customers

  • Improved trust through information transparency
  • Anytime feedback for quick response
  • Sustainable benefits with long term engagement
  • Cherished experience created through participation

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