How personalizing their experience can improve the quality of care and create guest loyalty at your Ayurveda resort.

Ayurveda Resorts are fast emerging as the new and improved treatment for modern ailments. By offering comfort and pleasure that allow the guests to take a break from their daily grind and the troubles that come with it – the relaxing ambience along with the specialized Ayurveda treatments – provides the necessary, much needed respite. Preventive nature of treatments provided by resorts also help avoid visits to hospitals, by taking the necessary precautions early. The promotion schemes for AYUSH implemented in 2014 by the government of India has also boosted the development and popularization of Ayurveda treatment.

By personalizing the services provided and experience for the guests, the resorts have the following benefits:

  • Treatment solutions to lifestyle based ailments: Studies have shown that rejuvenating oneself is necessary from time to time and a personalized experience with exclusive Ayurveda treatment plans and food preparations made specifically for the guest can help them make this experience special. This contributes greatly in improving the quality of care provided and also ensures that it is effective and appreciated by the guest
  • Improved variety of care: By knowing what each guest would prefer, resorts can prepare in advance with all that is necessary to provide the guest a variety of care even before the guest checks-in into the resort
  • Exclusive diet and lifestyle patterns: If necessary attention is paid to every patient’s preferences such as his/her favorite bedsheets colour, amount of salt in food or allergies, the guests would be surprised at your ability to pay attention to slightest detail
  • Exclusive exercise plans: Each body is different and when different exercise regime is provided to the guest, personal attention can paid to avoid injuries and make their stay even pleasurable
  • Viable plans for sustenance of the given treatment: One of the major downfalls of Ayurveda resorts is often considered to be the short term benefits of the programs. They are perceived to not provide sufficient post treatment guest management. Having given a plan to the guest for continuing, the benefit reaped during the stay can be sustained for a longer duration thus earning the goodwill of the guest
  • Excellent follow up and health record management: During the follow-up session with the guest, instead of expecting the guest to narrate the treatments undergone or going through your own resort file, having an online tool to manage their health record would help the physician in prescribing sessions that would genuinely benefit the guest.

Tools like AyushEHR help resorts execute an excellent personalized care plan. By implementing Ayush EHR in your resort:

  • There is an efficient way to improve transparency in Ayurveda treatment procedures
  • Being a cloud based software, it help with post treatment follow ups with any physician
  • Using electronic health records (EHR) brings much needed credibility to the treatment and decreases reliance on conveying information by word of mouth
  • Standards based EHR solution for delivery, documentation and validation of AYUSH services are provided
  • Health information is inter-operable, individual-centric and records all treatment details adding more scope to the Ayurveda treatment methods

These qualities make it an essential Electronic Health Management Tool for any Ayurveda Resort. The benefits are many and undeniable. It would promote customer loyalty and help to eliminate the many misconceptions associated with Ayurveda.

The improvement in health care management is immediately apparent to the guest as it helps provide a treatment plan that is more customized to their exclusive needs based on the records available in the EHR software. With all of these benefits it is a must have for an Ayurveda resort in today’s day and age.

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