Electronic Health Records(EHR): The way forward series – I

Each of us has experienced the frustration of waiting for long periods at Healthcare Facilities when we or our dear ones are not feeling their best. Finally, when we do get into the consultation room, a sense that the doctor is not giving 100% attention to us and the assessment may not be well thought through, nags us. Well! Statistics indicate that 1 out of 8 diagnosis may be faulty!* Who is to be blamed, the doctor? Supply demand situation? Non-Systematic Clinical Processes? Fee based Healthcare? Lack of Family Doctor?

Less than two decades ago, we had a family doctor who knew our family and personal health history, practised general medicine and had a handful of patients.Today a doctor spends around 5 minutes per patient, instructs test routinely, skims through the test report and comes up with an assessment. To add to this, the relationship between the doctor and patient is limited to these brief encounters.

We can only wish for a Family Doctor! With global trends and nuclear families, we have to move forward and find a sustainable solution. Electronic Health Records (EHR) with ownership resting with the individual is a perpetual solution. Such an EHR is not linked to a particular Healthcare provider or system of medicine; complying to international standards, access anytime and anywhere and has multilingual support.

OpenEHR, an open international forum defines a healthcare model that will remain relevant with evolving clinical practises and health data. Government of India has published EHR Minimal Data Set (MDS) in August 2013 and is in the process of updating the same by 2016 end.

EHR.Network from Healthelife Ventures is an Cloud EHR Platform that empowers individuals to create, store and manage their Health data perpetually. It is OpenEHR compliant and supports MDS prescribed by GOI.

An Application enables a doctor to view the patient persistent information that includes current health condition, medication, allergies etc., This will enable the Physician to get factual information of the patient. Details of all health interventions would be accessible. The doctor could enter details of current intervention in easy to use interface. Scope to create a draft entry and submit later is provided. Persistent information may be updated by the doctor. Diagnostic Test Reports created as EHR are also visible to the doctor.
The individual remains in control at all times. The doctor is well supported with Decision Support that analysis computable patient health data.

EHR.Network, an anytime, anywhere E Family Doctor.

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