March 7, 2018

Simplified & friendly pricing structure


One of the primary visions of AyushEHR has been to felicitate economical solutions that focuses on improved healthcare experience and this reflects on our pricing. With AyushEHR solutions, you subscribe to a pay-per-use model. This means zero capital investment or hidden costs.

We use the following usage matrices to calculate the subscription charges

  • Bed day occupancy – Rs. 50/-
  • Activities planned – Rs. 28/-


  • Monthly base subscription – Rs. 7,500/-
  • One time setup charges – Rs. 22,500/-

Apart from the convenient pricing, you also experience the following benefits with AyushEHR:

  • Centralized and cloud-based access to data from anywhere
  • Special trial subscription for the first 2 months
  • Minimal setup and configuration
  • Zero capital investment
  • Access to updates and facility enhancements at zero additional charges
  • Pay for what you use – start low and grow with usage

Get in touch with us to know more on how AyushEHR can help with your experience management requirements.

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We do not have any fixed costs for the use of EHR.Network. You pay based of the platform resources that your application consumes. Tell us more about your business plans and we can discuss a mutually beneficial engagement model.

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