EHR.Network vision

EHR.Network is a person centric Electronic Health Records(EHR) platform. It is open, standards compliant and built on modern SMACT technologies.

It is capable of managing an evolving set of clinical data and can support a wide range of clinical applications.

The basic features of EHR.Network are..

  • Platform to Store and Retrieve Health Records of an individual Electronically
  • Authentication and Authorization Control
  • Data Security
  • Demographic Data Storage
  • Indian EHR Standards Compliance
  • IndiaStack APIs to ensure national scope
  • OpenEHR Reference Model Compliance
  • OpenEHR Service Model Compliance
  • EHR.Store repository of individual EHR
  • Multi-tenancy Support
  • Scalable Platform
  • Cloud Service

EHR.Network is designed to a store varied set of Health data. This platform capability will continue to expand based on use cases that are progressively deployed. A broad outline of the scope of this data is as below.

  • History including Family History, Past Diagnosis, Vaccinations, Allergies, Tobacco Use, Alcohol Use, Medications and so on. The stored data is constrained by standard SNOMED CT terminologies to make them computable and shareable. This further enables decision support to healthcare providers
  • Doctor consult includes Complaints, Observations, Diagnosis and Orders. Orders include Lab Tests, Radiology Tests, Procedures and Medication. This data is again computable as they are constrained by standards such as ICD, LOINC and SNOMED
  • Vitals – as captured during a consult are stored as computable data
  • Reports – Diagnostic Reports stored as computable data as well as media files
  • Demographics – Demographic data of a person is stored and correlated to their health data. The segregation of demographic and EHR data is designed to ensure privacy and confidentiality of individuals
  • Relationships – Framework for building relationships, that sits on the demographic data, enables the creation of a matrix of cross functional relationships between people and organizations. This forms a strong base for managing data privacy and fine grained access to the EHR of a person.

EHR.Network is available to healthcare providers or independent application developers to define and create new use cases in healthcare. This would enable enhanced efficiencies brought about by basing your applications on a managed electronic storage of health data i.e. as EHR. Contact us to know more.


Healthcare needs are vast and varied. EHR.Network enables

  • Clinical practises to be defined
  • Health data for the clinical practises to be created, stored and retrieved per person
  • Data security – privacy and confidentiality of EHR data
  • Access control to EHR
  • Cloud service and hence available anytime, anywhere

Engagement modes

Solo rollout

If you wish to rollout the service independently then:

  • Contact us to get access to EHR.Network Service and REST API set
  • Design and Create User Application to Create, Store and Retrieve Data from EHR.Network
  • Applications could be Mobile, Desktop or Browser
  • Test your app and rollout the service to your target audience
  • You retain ownership and management of customers
  • We share revenue

Shared rollout

If you wish to have HealtheLife rollout your use case then:

  • Define your healthcare use case
  • Contact us
  • Our team will understand your requirements, develop application and rollout the service
  • Co-ownership and management of customers
  • We share revenue