HealtheKare – Our social impact venture aimed caring for the elderly

The world’s population is aging due to increasing life spans and decreasing birth rates and India is no exception to this demographic transition. In fact the population over 60 will present a major challenge to the healthcare system in the near future and high impact solutions are the need of the hour.

Aging population of IndiaThe incidence of acute and chronic morbidity increases with advancing years and the cost of the health care after 60 is very high resulting in increased out of pocket expenditure.

Almost all healthcare solutions, for the elderly, today focus on acute and emergency care and there is a lacuna with regard to accessible primary care for the elderly. Effective everyday care with a focus on diet, lifestyle and holistic wellness has the potential to preempt or slow onset of many commonly occurring chronic ailments among the elderly. It is seen that the elderly in India and their families prefer holistic healthcare approaches that may need sustained management and lifestyle adaptations but improves and sustains quality of life rather than strong medications and invasive surgical procedures that solve one problem but create a host of other problems.

We propose to aggregate independent and distributed Ayurveda healthcare practitioners to build a network of autonomous care delivery centers spread across the coverage area. This care network uses a central core group of experienced experts and latest technology for on-line health record to connect senior citizens’ at outpatient / home settings with the objective of improving or sustaining their quality of life.

The Geriatric Care Network(GCN)

This solution will be available to senior citizens’ on a fixed monthly subscription that includes doctor consults(clinic and home visits), medication, ongoing advises, lifestyle improvement support etc.

Value to Ayurveda doctors

  • Opportunity to expand practice locally at no cost
  • Geriatric care training and standardized geriatric care protocols
  • Access to experienced mentors, focused peer group
  • Health information stored in cloud for easy access

Value to senior citizens

  • Standardized geriatric care protocols created and managed by a group of highly experienced healthcare professionals
  • Doctors trained and guided by senior team of geriatric care specialists
  • Regular monitoring & outcome analysis by core team
  • Continuous validation & improvement of treatment protocols
  • Central quality control of medications
  • Health information stored in cloud for easy access

If you are an Ayurveda doctor or a senior citizen looking looking for more information, please write to us at

How are we different?

Our solutions

  • Are centered around holistic wellness & preventive in nature with focus on improving the overall quality of life
  • Deliver care in preferred comfort zone
  • Address everyday health related difficulties and problems that trouble the elderly
  • Use traditional Ayurveda with a strong focus on geriatric care
  • Use robust treatment protocols that are documented, centrally monitoring, continuously refined and improved
  • Include regular and periodic monitoring, discussions and counseling to bring about lifestyle changes
  • Include an integrated personal health information repository to manage all health information
  • Are extensible to include other needs of the elderly

HealtheKare’s mission

Leverage technology to deliver the benefits of Ayurveda to an aging population through scalable and innovative healthcare services delivery.

About team HealtheKare

HealtheKare is a revolutionary solution to a problem that is fast evolving into a serious social challenge – ensuring care and a decent quality of life for the increasing number of our elderly.

The HealtheKare team is a combination of Ayurveda and technology experts with substantial experience in both clinical information management and Ayurveda geriatric care. Most of the team members have personal experience caring for aging parents and other elderly in the family which has exposed them to the problems and issues associated with senior citizen healthcare management.

The Ayurveda doctors in the team have extensive clinical experience and have successfully provided care for many elderly customers. Through its technology partner HealtheLife, HealtheKare has a cloud based EHR platform already in commercial use with Ayurveda resorts and an Ayurveda care delivery application.


HealtheKare is being modeled as a social enterprise, which is geared towards making a serious social impact, while being financially self-sustaining. We are looking to associate with Clinical experts & NGOs working with the elderly and reputed Ayurveda institutions to to maximize it’s impact on the society.

We believe that such a partnership will benefit the institutions in the following ways

  • Achieve wider visibility and reach for its services
  • Improved engagement & IP referrals through the network of doctors
  • Play a decisive role in the procurement/manufacture of required medications
  • Create impact on a wider scale
  • Enhanced research opportunities on actual treatment data and outcomes

We invite institutions and clinical experts to join HealtheKare and help us in designing and implementing the proposed care network. In case you would like to know about HealtheKare, please write to us at