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HealtheLife shares the details of our work to the visiting IT/BT officials from GoI & GoK.

Delegation of Government of India & Government of Karnataka IT-BT officials visited IIIT, Bangalore on 28th & 29th January 2019. Each session included 40+ delegates representing different states and central government and were visiting to understand the work happening in the Innovation Centre and also to interact & understand the Innovations being worked upon.

The meeting and presentation happened in MINRO Centre, Ramanujan Block. Apart from the presentations from research labs and centres of excellence at the college, HealtheLife, HyperReality & IOTRACX spoke about their work in the context of their spcial impact collaboration with the college.

HealtheLife shares the details of our work to the visiting IT/BT officials from GoI & GoK
Rupa Rao presenting on behalf of HealtheLife

Rupa rao and Dileep V S made presentations to the delegates on 28th and 29th respectively along with Divyaraj from Electronic Health Research Centre(EHRC@IIITB). The presentations focused on our research collaboration for the development of public use EHR platform and the Karnataka Mental health Management system.

Many of the delegates found the work happening in the Innovation centre of interest and were keen to know more. We are hoping to be given an opportunity to work with some of them later.

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HealtheLife & IIITB to jointly develop OpenEHR based EHR platform for public & research use

HealtheLife has signed a joint research project agreement with IIITB to develop a scalable Electronic Health Records(EHR) Platform for use in public health applications and research.

This project is part of an ongoing research project being carried out at the E-Health Research Centre(EHRC), IIITB which seeks to address existing concerns in the way ICT applications are being designed and developed in the Indian public health and nutrition sector.

This joint research involves the design and develop an Electronic Health Records & ICT application platform that can form the basis for a healthcare delivery system for the public health system. The proposed EHR Platform will have the following features

  • Management of patient demographics
  • Framework for management of patient health data across visits and locations, using an OpenEHR compliant implementation
  • Hierarchical management of health care establishments/organizations
  • Authentication and access control
  • Coding of health data using SNOMED CT

All the above features will be developed in line with the Indian EHR standards and relevant aspects of the Digital Information Security in Healthcare Act(DISHA).

The agreement is for 2 years and will use our EHR.Network platform as the base for the proposed research & development. Healthelife team will be working closely with the faculty members and researchers at IIITB on various aspects of the project under this agreement. Both the parties will hold joint IP for the developments that come out of this project.

The discussions towards this has been going on for more than 6 months and we feel that this agreement will help us enhance our capabilities and also give us a lot of visibility. We will find mention in all related PR activities of the college as well.

We thank EHRC@IIITB for endorsing our work for the past 30 months and acknowledging our domain competence.

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How Ayushman Bharat is expected to leverage technology and EHR software to deliver a high level of public health widely and economically?

Ayushman Bharat is the world’s largest health insurance program initiated by the Government of India. It is an ambitious project that will provide easy asses to healthcare for 500 million people of the country. It is an initiative to improve the primary healthcare in the country, especially for the underprivileged.

However, the program will reach the zenith of success only when the Government of India relies on modern technology to record, secure and share information to manage healthcare services and operations. Though it is a long way from now, tiny steps forward now can take this program to the next level. The world has realized this and have moved forward to digitize healthcare and it is now our turn to bring in technology and revolutionize healthcare in India.

Effective use of EHR

EHR came to India in 2013 with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) adopting the Indian EHR standards in September 2013. Since then, the idea has been improving and evolving in leaps and bounds. Now is the time to accept it completely and use it to amplify the Ayushman Bharat program. EHR enables the management of a patients’ records of his/her treatment and diagnosis digitally so that it is accessible to hospitals, clinics, labs and insurance companies throughout the patient’s lifetime. EHR enables the delivery of better care more economically and in the adoption of personalized and preventive healthcare practices.

Building ecosystem with EHR

Though EHR is the need of the hour, it faces many challenges to keep up with the vast and order-less state of the Indian healthcare system. To create a splendid future for Indian healthcare EHR needs to be adapted across private and public health care institutions. Other than in major cities, most of the population of India rely on public institutions for their healthcare needs and the whole public health system is hampered with the lack of adoption of EHR. In order to build an EHR based health ecosystem and make this program operational in a larger and better level, the public institutions also need to digitize their system and the government should play a prime role to make that happen.

EHR for privacy of information

Appropriate use of digital tools such as EHR is important even to secure data and privacy of the persons. EHR is a critical component of technology enabled healthcare as it is capable of providing privacy of clinical data and ensure that the data cannot be used by any health institution or establishment (Private or Public) without the consent of the patient. Every person has complete ownership over their clinical data and have the utmost authority to ensure that their clinical data and can be used only upon prior approval.

Ayushman Bharat is expected to leverage the proposed National Health Stack that is expected to create a framework that will interact with various health application programming interfaces within each system and transfer data from one another. It is an idea that could change the lives of large populations that are currently excluded from healthcare benefits of the existing ecosystem. If EHR and Ayushman Bharat program go hand in hand, it has astonishing potential to create wonders for people and in the medical sector of India.

We at HealtheLife have been working to create tools to make EHR adoption simple and painless. Our tools such as EHR.Network and AyushEHR are designed to help healthcare practitioners and establishments get on to the EHR adoption bandwagon and be prepared for Ayushman Bharat.

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When Kerala Government chooses Health as a Priority & implements the Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act 2010

The healthcare crisis in India is a long unsolved story that needed much attention, until September 2018. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration launched Ayushman Bharat, an initiative by the government to insure 500 million Indians. According to an Economic Times article, this program is supposed to be the ‘world’s biggest healthcare program’.

Amidst all this, Kerala government, under the Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act 2010, has mandated the online registration of health institutions all over the state from 1st January 2019. It is a great proposition by the government to make healthcare institutions more patient centric and service focused. According to M/s KK Shailaja, Minister of Health and Social Justice, all health establishments in Kerala has to be registered into this online portal that holds information and records about the the facilities, capabilities & cost of medical treatments provided by the institutions.

It is such a progressive move by the state and promotes public welfare and health. After being the first state in India that declares to be having 100% literacy in 1991, Kerala has again proved to be one of the most rapid developing states in the country.

Objective of the Act

The prime objective of the Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act 2010 is to establish a fair medical practice across India. This will not just improve the quality of healthcare, but also ensure one the minimum basic necessity of the common people. The Act will surely develop the medical and healthcare industry by gathering crucial data, information and statistical reports that are important for the establishment of future medicine and treatment.

With the opening of the registration portal, Kerala has become the first state to move forward with the implementation of this act.

Benefits to the Common citizen

Under this act , all medical practices including modern medicine, dentistry, Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Siddha and Unani, in the public and private sectors are required to get registered. The only excluded clinical establishments are those owned, controlled or managed by the Armed Forces and those that provide only consultation services.

It is expected that people would get to know the facilities provided by the hospital, its cost, the qualifications of the doctors, the total count of staff members or paramedics in the center through the online portal. Now they can look, compare and choose hospitals or clinics by their own choice after browsing various institutions.

Strict actions against the offenders

It has also been said that impartial, strict actions would be taken against institutions which are not registered as mandated. In case of failure in uploading information on behalf of a health institution, it will be penalized and fined initially and eventually be shut down upon continuous violation of the act.

It is hoped to bring a revolution in the healthcare industry in the near future. Since Kerala is the first state to take such a vital step in the direction of a healthy change, it is expected to spread across the country and make treatments easy for the patients. It has already provided a new perspective to a bright new tomorrow.

More information on the bill and it’s implementation status are available at the Kerala government portal.

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HealtheLife delivers keynote address in the 2nd user meet of NRCeS at AIIMS on 28th November 2018

The second user meet of the National Resource Centre for e-Health Standards(NRCeS) was held at All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS), New Delhi on 28th November 2018, Wednesday. The full day event was attended by Shri. Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, MoH&FW, healthcare and technology professionals from AIIIMS, representatives of many government & public sector organizations involved in eHealth standards implementation, large healthcare organizations and healthcare IT startups. The event was characterized by informative presentations, discussions and deliberations on different aspects of EHR standards adoption across the country.

The focus of this year’s event was the adoption and incorporation of SNOMED CT in clinical IT systems.

The major highlights of the day included the following

  • Key note address on the Role of Training & Implementation Support in Standard Adoption by Dr Karanvir Singh, Chief Medical Information Officer, Apollo Hospital New Delhi
  • Presenttaion on the Experience of Adoption and Use of Clinical Terminology at AIIMS, New Delhi by Dr. Sushil Kumar Meher & Dr. Vivek Gupta
  • Key note address on Standard enabled Analytics by Dr. Suman Bhusan Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO at Bhattacharyyas Clinical Records Research & Informatics LLP
  • Key note address on the Need based Clinical Terminology Extension in Health IT system by Mr. Dileep V S, Founder HealtheLife Venture LLP

Along the course of the day, team members from NRCeS explained about the work being done by their team to support government departments, private organizations and healthcare IT companies to adopt EHR standards.

This event was of special importance to HealtheLife as we were invited to deliver a keynote address in recognition of the breathtaking work that we are doing in EHR.Network, our standards based open EHR platform and our pioneering effort in the adoption of EHR standards to Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy through AyushEHR. The keynote address on ‘Need based Clinical Terminology Extension in Health IT system ‘ delivered by our co-founder Dileep V S was well received and generated a lot of discussions from the other participants. Many participants expressed interest in knowing more about our work in the future.

We thank Mr. Gaur Sunder, Joint Director & Chief Investigator, Ms. Manisha Mantri, Project Lead, Mr. Achyut Patil, Education and Training, Ms. Neetu Verma, NRCeS Promotion & Dissemination and other NRCeS Team members for the well organized and informative event and are looking forward to the next edition of the event.

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AyushEHR shortlisted for Round 2 of the National Bio Entrepreneurship Competition (NBEC) 2018

The excitement at HealtheLife continues.. We are excited about AyushEHR being selected to the Round 2 of the National Bio Entrepreneurship Competition (NBEC) 2018. This 2nd edition national level competition to identify breakthrough ideas in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, diagnostics & environment is being organized by BIRAC in partnership with C-CAMP.

The Bangalore leg of the event is scheduled for 12-13 November 2018 where we will be presenting our vision, of AyushEHR evolving into a game changing software for Ayurveda practice, to an eminent panel of experts & professionals.

HealtheLife team would like to thank all those who supported and helped us in our journey so far.

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Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India invites applications for Excellence awards in Information Technology(IT) in AYUSH sector

For the first time, the AYUSH ministry has announced Awards for Excellence in Information Technology(IT) in AYUSH Sector. This is clearly an indication that the ministry recognizes the urgent need for technology adoption in the traditional healthcare practices. It further vindicates our business proposition for AyushEHR, the standards based software solution for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopthy wellness practices.

Even though the government has laid a lot of stress on promoting traditional wellness practices in the National Health Policy 2017, the progress has been slow owing to the paucity of validated evidence due to the weak documentation, lack of technology adoption and standardization in these practices. Adoption of technology to help in clinical documentation and subsequent evidence creation is proposed to bring transparency and improved adoption in AYUSH.  Tools such as AyushEHR software for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy and standards based EHR.Network platform show increased awareness among technology startups and their willingness to support the AYUSH ministry initiatives in this direction.

The proposed awards are designed to recognize and promote excellence in implementation of IT initiatives and seeks to recognize the projects demonstrating use of path breaking IT or innovative use of an existing IT for enhancement in efficiency, effectiveness of process, cost, quality, service delivery or a combination of these.

The purpose of the award is to:-

  • Recognize achievements in the area of Information Technology
  • Disseminate knowledge on effective methods of designing and implementing sustainable IT initiatives
  • Encourage incremental innovations in successful IT solutions
  • Promote and exchange experiences in solving problems, mitigating risks, resolving issues and planning for success through IT initiatives
  • IT as a Game Changer

The award is open to all stake holders in the sector. Institutions and/or individuals from the following categories, who have
implemented notable IT based applications, can apply for the awards

  • Institutions under Ministry of AYUSH
  • Colleges, Universities and Research Institution
  • Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing Homes
  • Wellness centers practicing AYUSH treatment
  • IT Institution
  • AYUSH Practitioner
  • AYUSH Businesses and entrepreneur

We see this as a great opportunity to showcase our past 2 years work in building AyushEHR and intend to pitch our solutions for the award. The last date for the submission of applications is on the 11th September 2018.

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AyushEHR enters the finals of 2018 Elevate100 – Idea to POC initiative from the Government of Karnataka

Healthelife has done it once again, this time with AyushEHR. For the 2018 Elevate100, we pitched in with our flagship software solution for Wellness Tourism Service Providers and have been selected for the finals this year also.

Last year we had pitched our EHR.Network, person centric EHR platform, and ended up being one of the runner ups.

This edition started with more than 650 startups applying from across Karnataka. A panel of eminent experts screened all the applicants and selected top 500 for the multi-city pitch that happened between the 6th to the 10th of August in many cities across the state.  From the startups who pitched, top 250 have been selected for the final pitch scheduled for the 30th at Bangalore.

With the learnings from last year and the maturity that we have gained over the last 2 years, we intend to do all that it takes to get to the top 100 winners this year. With the progress that we have made so far, we feel that we are now in a position to make best use of the financial grant and mentoring support that the Elevate100 winners would be entitled to.

Health tourism in general and wellness tourism in particular are in a steep growth trajectory and is projected to continue growing above 15%. In the wellness sector, traditional healthcare practices such as Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy have an increasing role to play. AyushEHR, with it’s focus on enabling technology adoption in these practices, will have a major social impact. AyushEHR is designed to improve transparency, efficiency and professionalism in Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy practices, which will provide them with a solid technology platform to take advantage of the emerging business opportunities in wellness tourism.

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Healthelife GCN wins Best Potential & Best Improvement awards in 2018 Samsung Global Startup Acceleration Program

Geriatric Care Network(GCN), the social venture from Healthelife has won two awards in the 2018 Samsung Global Startup Acceleration Program(GSAP) which concluded on Friday, 10th August 2018.

42 Samsung employees had flown in from South Korea for the 5 day program hosted by IIIT, Bangalore. These employees had volunteered to mentor selected startups and help them refine their idea in an intense 5 day workshop. The 19 startups in the camp were selected from across India and included a side spectrum of ideas and business domains.

The Healthcare group in GSAP 2018

The Samsung mentoring team included experts from business, domain, technology, marketing and design. The 5 day contact program was preceded by a 2 month remote interaction between the startups and the designated mentors, which enabled the mentors to understand the startups and their pains points. This enabled the GSAP team to invite other mentors locally to supplement their efforts. The event included presentations, discussions, booth pitching, stage presentations and team mentoring sessions to help the startups overcome some of their pain points.

For GCN, the program enabled us to refine our idea, smoothen the rough edges of our offering and make a 5 minute pitch that can be understood by everybody. From a basic idea, we emerged as a ready to implement business offering. We could get a lot of positive feedbacks and also managed to catch the attention of many of those who were part of the program.

In the end GCN ended up winning the Best Potential and Best Improvement awards and walk away as one of the best business ideas in the event. The entire GCN team is all charged up to push forward and make the idea a reality that can make a serious and noticeable social impact.

We thank the Samsung GSAP team and IIITB Innovation Centre for making such a wonderful program a reality.

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AyushEHR gets torn down and ripped apart at the 30th June 2018 TearDown event at IIM, Bangalore.

AysuhEHR had a harrowing day on 30th June at the TearDown event held by NSRCEL@IIM Bangalore. Having been selected as one of the 3 products for presentation in the June 2018 edition of the event, we had a distinguished industry panel and an audience of around 150 entrepreneurs & startup founders ripping it apart to help us refine some of the rough edges.

The distinguished panel included successful people from design & UX, product hunting product management and sales & marketing and the audience has a varied mix of young, experienced and established business founders.

Dileep made a short 10 min presentation on AyushEHR and our business plan to get the session going. The presentation ended with us listing out top 3 challenges requiring advice and support. Post the presentation, the panel members took turns to give a honest review of different aspects of the product and business and their suggestions for improving our offering. Once the floor was opened up, many in the audience also gave very valuable feedbacks and suggestions on aspects such as improving usability, pricing strategy and our go to market strategy.

Based on our experience, we feel that TearDown events ( provide an excellent opportunity for startups to get their ideas evaluated by a varied and independent group of professionals at no cost. We thank the NRCEL team and all the volunteers for making this happen and also for having selected us for the event. We consider this as a further validation and acceptance of our idea and vision for the future of healthcare in India.