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We are a Repository of person centric health information

  • Clinical data from varied sources
  • Computable & shareable
  • Empowering every citizen to live healthy and feel great.
  • Transforming health-care paradigm from reactive illness management to pro-active health management.
  • Flagship Product EHR.Network

We have solutions for wellness providers

We are standards compliant, open, computable & evolving

  • Platform compliant to Indian EHR standards
  • Integrates IndiaStack.org APIs
  • Support for evolving clinical practices and information models.
  • Computable health data
  • Decision support system
  • Open APIs for third party integration.


  • Platform to Store and Retrieve Health Records of an individual Electronically
  • Authentication and Authorization Control
  • Data Security
  • Demographic Data Storage
  • Indian EHR Standards Compliance
  • IndiaStack APIs to ensure national scope
  • OpenEHR Reference Model Compliance
  • OpenEHR Service Model Compliance
  • EHR.Store repository of individual EHR
  • Multi-tenancy Support
  • Scalable Platform
  • Cloud Service

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Nutrition coach

  • Cloud based service
  • Mobile app
  • For nutrition coaches
  • Enables practise on the go - anywhere, anytime
  • Client health parameters stored electronically
  • Client health assessment support
  • Metrics to measure effectiveness
  • Manage client Information
  • Meaningful communication
  • EHR for each client on EHR.Network


  • Cloud based solution
  • Browser App for AYUSH Practitioners
  • Streamlines AYUSH processes
  • Helps Prepare for, Care for and Engage with Guest

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  • Cloud based integrated wellness platform
  • Desktop, mobile and browser apps
  • For corporates to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity
  • Employee health data stored in individual EHR.Store
  • Collation of multi-dimensional health data - Doctor consult, Clinical Reports, Wearables, Self Diagnosis and Medication
  • Computed report of organization health
  • Identification of preventive and supportive wellness initiatives
  • Wellness program rollout and administration
  • Automated one-on-one communication with employees
  • Confidentiality and privacy of employee health data
  • Health data trends to assess effectiveness of wellness programs
  • EHR custody with employees - empowers to store 360 degree data
  • EHR ownership - employee retention tool for corporates
  • Corporates - factual wellness, a tool to control health insurance budget

Malnutrition program monitoring

  • Community and Government Programs
  • Browser App for Control Centre to capture data
  • Record and store health data per beneficiary
  • Beneficiary data stored in individual EHR on EHR.Network
  • Reports to identify beneficiaries whose data is not being captured
  • Reports to identify beneficiaries who have not shown improvements
  • Stakeholder reports to list beneficiaries and their progress

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