The capability of EHR.Network is exposed to end users through a variety of use case applications - simple applications for individuals to complex ones for organizations. As each use case in envisaged and created, the platform is evolved to include the application specific data to the common EHR that all use cases share.

As a starting point, we have identified simple use-cases that can address some of the current challenges in healthcare. As EHR.Network evolves, we will continue to address more usecases, and also invite partners to use EHR.Network to rollout their healthcare vision, there by creating a complimentary and symbiotic collection of solutions that provide wholistic value to individuals.


  • Cloud based solution
  • Browser App for AYUSH Practitioners
  • Streamlines AYUSH processes
  • Helps Prepare for, Care for and Engage with Guest

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Nutrition coach

  • Cloud based service
  • Mobile app
  • For nutrition coaches
  • Enables practise on the go - anywhere, anytime
  • Client health parameters stored electronically
  • Client health assessment support
  • Metrics to measure effectiveness
  • Manage client Information
  • Meaningful communication
  • EHR for each client on EHR.Network

Malnutrition program monitoring

  • Community and Government Programs
  • Browser App for Control Centre to capture data
  • Record and store health data per beneficiary
  • Beneficiary data stored in individual EHR on EHR.Network
  • Reports to identify beneficiaries whose data is not being captured
  • Reports to identify beneficiaries who have not shown improvements
  • Stakeholder reports to list beneficiaries and their progress

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