App Developers

EHR.Network is available to healthcare providers or independent applicationdevelopers to define and create new use cases in healthcare. This would enable enhanced efficiencies brought about by basing your applications on a managed electronic storage of health data i.e. as EHR.


Healthcare needs are vast and varied. EHR.Network enables

  • Clinical practises to be defined
  • Health data for the clinical practises to be created, stored and retrieved per person
  • Data security - privacy and confidentiality of EHR data
  • Access control to EHR
  • Open APIs to store, retrieve and query data
  • Cloud service and hence available anytime, anywhere

Engagement modes

Solo rollout

If you wish to rollout the service independently then:

  • Contact Us to get access to EHR.Network Service and REST API set
  • Design and Create User Application to Create, Store and Retrieve Data from EHR.Network
  • Applications could be Mobile, Desktop or Browser
  • Test your app and rollout the service to your target audience
  • You retain ownership and management of customers.
    • We share revenue

Shared rollout

If you wish to have HealtheLife rollout your use case then:

  • Define your healthcare use case
  • Contact Us
  • Our team will understand your requirements, develop application and rollout the service
  • Co-ownership and management of customers
  • We share revenue