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HealtheLife uses technology to improve healthcare. We are a startup incubating out of the Innovation Centre at International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIITB). Our business is focussed on and committed to rolling out EHR.Network, a person centric electronic health record platform that can support heterogeneous healthcare use-case solutions.

EHR.Network bestows ownership and access control of a person’s Electronic Health Records(EHR) to the person. This enables multi-dimensional health data for a person to be created and accessed anytime, anywhere. Through this we intend to herald a paradigm shift in the Indian healthcare system by empowering every individual to take control of their own health information.

Business vision

HealtheLife envisions that every Indian citizen should have access and control over their health data. This would ensure them to maintain their health and freedom to seek health care support from a provider of choice, while also bringing in transparency in the healthcare industry.

In this endeavour, HealtheLife proposes to start with use-cases in healthcare that benefit from individual health data stored electronically. These use-cases will be driven by healthcare process efficiencies from electronic storage, retrieval and decision support.

Developers with ideas for healthcare usecases are invited to develop and host their solution/service on EHR.Network and rollout the service with time and resource efficiency. Business ownership for such solutions will rest with the developer, who can evolve the solution as per their vision.

EHR.Network will ensure health data of a person be stored in a single EHR across use cases. Access control to the EHR will rest with the person as wider adoption reaches steady state.


Shrinivas Mahishi

Shrinivas is Management graduate from IIM-A with over 30 years of business development experience of which over 14 years in pharmaceuticals sector

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Dileep V

Dileep is a 1987 batch Engineering Graduate from College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET): he is an Entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience

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Rupa Rao

A 1988 Electrical Engineering graduate from University Visveswaraya College of Engineering, Rupa has 25 years of experience in Product Management and Engineering of Telecom Software

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Chaya R.T.

A 1995 Computer Science Graduate from University of Mysore, Chaya have over 14 years of experience architecting, designing and leading teams

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